In case you wish to view our extensive portfolio of models and projects we have executed in the past 20 years, we kindly request you to send us an email with your contact details. We will then provide you with an uplink to view this portfolio.

Our range includes :

Large scale Exhibition Models 1/10 - 1/20  or 1/50  executed as cut-away version or solid version.
Table size desk top VIP models 1/100 and 1/200.

Snap-fit aircraft models 1/200  and 1/250 in different qualities.

Metal die-cast models 1/400 - 1/500 - 1/1000.

Toy - Souvenir related products for inflight-sales and and marketing purposes.

Military models in different scales and sizes.

UAV drone scale models large or small

Special OEM projects.

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